The HomeBound System

Many times, the best option for a sick patient is to stay home and manage their disease at home. Being at home gives them a better environment to recover, with a family support system. Staying at home away from others also helps protect the society from infections. HomeBound is a system that is designed to help patients manage their disease at home, benefit from the comforts of home but keep themselves, their families and their community safe.

The Homebound System is made up of 4 components:

  1. A secure but open database that is used to store patient information.

  2. A patient friendly iPhone and Android application to allow patients to upload their latest symptoms and vitals.

  3. A back office system to allow caretakers and doctors to monitor the patient remotely.

  4. An open interface so that anonymous patient information can be downloaded for research purposes and allow new machine learning models to be integrated to assist in patient management.

The HomeBound System is an integral part of Earth2.0 and is designed to be deployed anywhere in the world. It is developed to be open source and its operation is designed to be extended to other diseases beyond COVID-19 that can be managed at home.