The COVID-19 pandemic presents a global threat never experienced in our modern times. Global infrastructure for healthcare and maintenance of critical supplies and resources are threatened.

Earth2.0 was founded for such times. Our response is predicated on leveraging emerging digital technologies to harness, coordinate and empower citizen centric activities that can quickly surface problems and crowd source innovations, resource management or development.

The Earth2.0 Collective Response System consists of four connected pillars:

CoRESPOND Rapid publishing and innovation for the planet. An agile response hotline that can be reached by critical frontline workers, scientists and staff to call for help and be matched with teams of problem solvers or resource providers - today. These calls may be for personal-protective equipment, ventilator needs, groups that can rapidly obtain and summarize vetted information on an emergency topic, or mobilize to create a needed innovation like printable Ventilator parts, low cost ventilators or modifications to C-PAP.

OASIS Is a living map of all of our stories. COVID patients can report their case, sick and wondering public can check they might have COVID. Citizens anywhere can post problems or hazards ad reach out to experts or teams that can help from CoRESPOND. A web and mobile platform for citizen based action, including:

  • Citizen reporting of COVID positive (diagnosed) or potential (suspected) cases, hotspot detection.

  • Localized just-in-time information for disease management for those who are sick, opportunities to join clinical trials

  • Support for trace-back based on contacts and social networks

  • Reporting of critical problems, resource shortages or other needs (clinical, logistic or otherwise)

  • A mechanism to report active resources and match these to those in need

HomeBound System - Many times, the best option for a sick patient is to stay home and manage their disease at home. Patients who are diagnosed with COVID-19 or tell their story on OASIS can download Homebound and be their own doctor. Being at home gives them a better environment to recover, with a family support system. Staying at home away from others also helps protect the society from infections. HomeBound is a system that is designed to help patients manage their disease at home, benefit from the comforts of home but keep themselves, their families and their community safe. The Homebound System is made up of 4 components:

  • A secure but open database that is used to store patient information.

  • A patient friendly iPhone and Android application to allow patients to upload their latest symptoms and vitals.

  • A back office system to allow caretakers and doctors to monitor the patient remotely.

  • An open interface so that anonymous patient information can be downloaded for research purposes and allow new machine learning models to be integrated to assist in patient management.

  • The HomeBound System is an integral part of earth 2 project and is designed to be deployed anywhere in the world. It is developed to be open source and its operation is designed to be extended to other diseases beyond COVID-19 that can be managed at home.

DataCore Is machine learning and data science backbone to make sense the living data coming from around the globe. We use cutting edge data science and machine learning techniques to:

  • Manage and direct resources, personnel, , information and logistics

  • Generate insights and predictive models to improve response

  • Analyze patterns of interaction (i.e., how good is social distancing in a community?)


  • Please fill out the Google Form Here to let us know a little about yourself and how you can help. At the end we'll you get a link from slack to join our community.

  • We are looking for industry leaders, experts and inventors,

  • We are looking for computer scientists, HCI experts and coders who can contribute to software development and data science.

  • We’re looking for engineers, social scientists and people from medicine to biology to help create an innovation workforce that can rapidly deploy as problems come in from our channels.

  • We’ll be keeping track of the team here. We’re here to help anyone who calls, anywhere and anytime.

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